Monday, June 12, 2017

Keeping it Real...

The final week is upon us, and quite often the last few days can drag by slowly, if we ‘down tools’ too soon. 

So... how to continue to getting the students to produce meaningful work? 
How to keep them engaged? 
The answer is simple…steal a great idea from Tara Waudby! 

Some of you may have seen Tara’s blog post last week, where she opened herself up, to the world, as a parent - in a bid to have her children take ownership for their learning and become more independent over the summer break. 

I shared Tara's post with the parents in my class and they loved it! 

Some told me they would love to try it, but would have no clue about how to create an infographic; others suggested, that if it came from home, their child might not take it as seriously. So I invited them into school. Today. Three days before we finish. 

We had a fantastic morning. The children had all gone home last night and discussed their ideas, as part of a talk homework task, so by this morning, we had plenty of ideas being shared and the room was buzzing. 

It was just wonderful to see the children working with their parents, in school, on something that was REAL. 

Everyone in the room was so engaged and one parent joked that they ‘were more into it than the kids!’ The quality of work, the collaboration and fun we all had was certainly not typical of the final days of school. And if even just one child from my class uses their creation, owns their learning and becomes more independent, then it will have been worth it! 


So, if you are looking for a fun project for your students over the next two days or possibly as a starter for the next school year, then this could be it!

Tara Waudby - thank you! You have been an inspiration and I will miss picking your brains…

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