Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SVS - Robotics with Year Six

Year 6 worked with a partner to make a remote controlled robot from a Hummingbird board, Bluetooth adapter and a power pack. In addition to these components they added 2 motors with wheels and LED’s.

They followed instructions to build the robot from images and then used the Birdblox app to program it to move. 

The iPad’s accelerometer enabled the robot to be controlled by tilting the iPad in different ways. This meant that when the iPad was tilted forward the motors would start to move in the direction programmed. Similarly, when the iPad was tilted sideways the robot would turn by one motor being programmed to move forwards and one motor programmed to move backwards.

The programming blocks were added to allow the iPad to act as a remote control for the robot. They also added LED’s to their robot.

Finally they were asked to ‘dress’ their robots. They had great fun doing this bit!

They delivered a short presentation to each class around the school, to share their creation and tell us a bit about their learning throughout the process.

We think they are AMAZING...do you?

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