Monday, May 22, 2017

Saudi Arabian Student Film Festival

On May 19, 2017, many hours of work by aspiring student film makers in Saudi Arabia came together for the Saudi Arabian Student Film Festival (SASFF). The culminating event screening four student films was attended by approximately 40 people in the theater at the Dhahran campus. Student humor, creativity, ingenuity and passion was showcased in the films which were required to use the following six elements:

  1. Line: "Let's run around the moon"
  2. Line: "That breaks the fourth wall"
  3. Character: Jock
  4. Prop: Boomerang
  5. Prop: Minion
  6. Prop: Fire extinguisher 
DHS Teacher and Club Advisor Jonathan Montgomery said, "I was thoroughly impressed by the organizational skills and dedication shown by Brooke Schumacher and Emily Harden, DHS students,  who lead the project from inception to fruition. Without them, the project would not have happened. It turns out, they created a delightful evening showcasing student creativity. They even provided popcorn!" 

Bittersweet won the awards for Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography. The complex story was revealed through the use of sophisticated camera angles that invited the audience to participate in the story of a brother and sister growing up but not growing apart.

Milk - A Story of Drinks won the awards for Best Film and Best Editing. Judges were amazed that one student was able to produce the film in its entirety. The editing showcased great technical prowess.
Strawberry Milk Enthusiast fights Chocolate Milk Enthusiast, both played by Jonah Kelly. Filmed by Jonah Kelly.
A Day in the Life of SpiderMan won the award for Most Creative Use of Elements. The audience was dazzled by the unexpected way the film used the required elements. 


Spider Man Ammar Ad-Dabbagh's amazing costume wowed the audience.

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