Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dammam Publishes Vignettes via eBooks

Written by Humaira Khan, ISG Dammam
Over the course of the past month, the Dammam students of Grade 9 have dedicated their time and effort towards writing vignettes. These vignettes were later compiled into a book to represent each Grade 9 class. The inspiration for this semester project was a novel by Sandra Cisneros called The House on Mango Street. Since my students had previously analyzed and interpreted the novel, they already knew how to write vignettes. One of the objectives of giving this project was to allow students to elaborate on a specific topic and present their outlook. Another goal was to delve into this particular style of writing. Cooperation was enhanced by collaborating with other students. A unique blend of perspectives was also exhibited in the vignettes. While writing their vignettes, my students used the Common Core Standards as a guideline to achieve the final product. This enabled the students to bring forth exceptional vignettes. Concrete details and examples were used to appeal to the audience. Technology was seamlessly integrated into the project. The students were aided in compiling the individual vignettes into a collection through technological means.  The vignettes offer a unique insight into the daily escapades of the Grade 9 pupils. Through resilience and determination, they were successful in savouring the sweet fruits of labour. The final outcome felt very rewarding to the students. Furthermore, I did not opt for the traditional teaching routine. Instead, I applied more efficient and creative teaching methods that have been highlighted by the Common Core Standards. This gave my students an initiative to showcase their potential without being restricted by any boundaries.
Please view their wonderful work here: Grade 9

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