Sunday, November 20, 2016

Submit to the Youth Anthology for Compassion

The Compassion Anthology seeks submissions for their Young Adult Compassion Anthology.  They are looking for poetry, essays, and art from middle school, high school, and college students. Please find the submissions guidelines here. Don't miss this opportunity for your students to publish their writing.  

Here are some questions/prompts to guide the creative process:

  • How can compassion be an act of courage?
  • How is compassion a healing force for the receiver and the giver?
  • Explore the concept of forgiveness and how it relates to compassion.
  • Explore an example of social justice and relate it to compassion.
  • Explore how environmentalism is compassion for the Earth.
  • What is compassion as it relates to self?
  • Who is a compassionate role model that inspires you and how have his or her accomplishments influenced others and produced positive change?

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