Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Meet the Learning Team

In November, we formed the ISG Learning Team, a think-tank for innovation and learning.  Members from each of our seven schools have been meeting regularly to discuss learning at ISG.  The team was tasked with “Moonshot Thinking” and developing three deliverables:

  1. Creation of ISG Learning Principles
  2. Creation of ISG Assessment Beliefs
  3. Adoption of updated Standards for American curriculum schools

The team sought input from across the district to develop each of the items (remember all those questions we asked about learning back in February), and we are pleased to launch these in our respective schools in the 16/17 school year.  

Traditionally, curriculum implementation has largely been about the “what.”  
  • What standards should we use?  
  • What instructional resources should we use?  

At ISG, we are modeling the “how.”  
  • How will we engage students in relevant and meaningful learning opportunities?
  • How will we collaborate to design the education our students need?
  • How will we articulate our curriculum?

The following model may be helpful in visualizing the “how.”

Please refer to the curriculum standards page of ISG Learns to check out our newly adopted standards.

Though the Learning Team has done the foundational work, the real work begins within our schools.  Therefore, each school is working on an implementation plan that makes sense for the site and division.  No one is expected to implement new standards, assessment practices or learning principles without a continuous plan of support.  The journey begins now…

If you have questions about the work, please speak to the Learning Team members at your site.

Dammam – Nehla Lejmi, John Rutten
DEMS – Eric Brown
DBGS – Paula Bree-Grice, Nicholas Hardcastle, David Bolton, Eddie Liptrot
DHS – Jamie Brown, Ronnie Caldwell, Paul Brackman, Joe Myer
District Office – Nicole Fedio, Andrew Crouse, Alexander van Iperen, Tara Waudby
Jubail – Craig Brooks, Sharon Tait, Alex Pethan
LRC – Katrina Lehman
SVS – Helen Westwood
Yanbu – Ian Jones, Jonathan Acker

Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved in the work as we strive to meet our ISG goals set forth in our Vision for 21st Century Excellence.

The ISG Learning Team

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