Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Introducing Innovation Teams

As we head into the 16/17 school year, we are excited to launch ISG Innovation Teams.  Innovation teams are collaborative teams who will work across the district and investigate a discipline or topic of study.  Teams will serve as think-tanks and networks with two driving questions upon which to focus their work:

  1. How do we continue to create relevant and meaningful learning experiences for our students?
  2. What key experiences should our students leave our schools and subjects with?

Innovation Teams are open to all teachers across the district and the work will occur virtually and live in Google Hangouts, Google Circles and face-to-face meetings.  Each Innovation Team is led by a facilitator who will introduce the possibilities open for exploration (moonshot thinking defined by the group).  Teams will launch in August at Convocation.  

Beginning in August, the following Innovation Teams are in place.  If you are interested in further details, please join the G+ community linked below and email the facilitator directly.  

  1. Secondary Literacy facilitated by Cory Borisko (Jubail English Department Head)
  2. Secondary Math facilitated by Nicole Fedio (District Math Coach)
  3. Social Sciences facilitated by Jamie Brown (DHS Social Sciences)
  4. NGSS Science facilitated by Sharon Tait (Jubail Grade 4/5 Department Head)
  5. Fine Arts facilitated by Lorelei Loveridge (Jubail Secondary Drama)
  6. Technology Educators facilitated by Nat Ericksen (Yanbu Tech Coach and Teacher)
  7. PE & Health facilitated by Nichola Smith (DEMS PE and Activities Coordinator)
  8. Advisory facilitated by Sarah Brooks (Jubail Counselor)
  9. Capstone Projects facilitated by Nehla Lejmi (Dammam High School Vice Principal)
  10. Data facilitated by Paula Bree-Grice

Stay tuned for more information about ISG Innovation Teams!

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