Thursday, May 26, 2016

Launching our Coaching Handbook

Post by Robin Montgomery at DHS

The 2015-2016 school year marked the first year that International Schools Group employed Learning Coaches across the district. All school sites had Digital Learning Coaches, most had Literacy Coaches or Literacy Lead Teachers, and the district even had a Mathematics Coach. It was “The Year of the Coach.”
A Learning Coach fills a conglomeration of roles including “resource provider, data coach, curriculum specialist, instructional specialist, mentor, classroom supporter, learning facilitator, school leader, change catalyst, and learner” (Killion & Harrison, 2006). With all of these roles, how are coaches to know what to focus on and what will make a real difference in student learning? And how can administrators and teachers work with coaches to put student learning at the forefront of their work? 

To answer these questions, ISG Assistant Superintendent of Learning Tara Waudby put together a small group of learning coaches to write a handbook that would serve as a guide to help teachers and administrators understand how learning coaches work to increase student achievement of standards. The result is an interactive iBook available for free download on the iBooks Store. The book contains guidelines on the role of a student centered learning coach, tools and methods for teachers and learning coaches to use, and other helpful resources. 

Now that they have a foundational coaching document, the ISG learning coaches hope to create a second edition over the next year with further exploration of a broader variety of coaching methodologies. 

Download your copy of the first edition of the ISG Coaching Handbook today on iBooks and enjoy it on your iOS device or MacBook.

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