#nesachat Twitter Tuesdays  
 Tuesday, March 20, 2018
10:00 – 11:00 AM Arabian Standard Time (GMT+3)

This Week's Topic:
Engineering a better education? A discussion surrounding STEM and our schools

Mike Moody
Middle School STEM
American Int. School of Riyadh

Ian Featherer
High School STEM
American Int. School of Riyadh


Q1. Choose adjectives that describe the ideal scenario for a successful STEM program in a school?

Q2. How are you able to collaborate to innovate learning in other subject areas?
Q3. What models of the design cycle are you using? How are students encouraged to innovate and iterate along the design journey?
Q4. STEM challenges promote the application of many non-cognitive skills, should we be emphasising these over content standards?
Q5. Failure is an inherent part of the design process but does it only feature in STEM?
Q6. Have the NGSS standards and documents helped you integrate engineering into your classroom? What is missing? What is needed?
Q7. What does innovation mean for education, and should every educator be an innovator?

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